My Testimony– Brianna Horrach

I wasn’t sure where to start and I had been going back and forth with myself on whether or not I was ready to share this, but God has a plan and it’s better than I could ever imagine! God recently has pressed upon me that I need to share my testimony.

so here it goes…

Every kid imagines having a perfect family with a mom and dad who love them and support them no matter what.  They sit at the dinner table talking about their day and what new things they learned. That wasn’t the reality for me– I was born into a broken home, filled with rebellion and chaos. 

My dad was a workaholic and my mother wasn’t in the picture at all so I had my step mom who took care of me. I never thought much about the chaos in my home because I thought it was normal. I didn‘t think anything much of the neglect because I just adapted to the culture I was living in. These things were normal everyday things to me. Or so I thought…

At the age of 14, I went into foster care, adding to the many twists and turns of events happening in my life. I was confused, angry and disappointed at the way my life was looking. I couldn’t trust anyone. I couldn’t put my heart out there for anyone to love me because I didn’t feel like I deserved it. 

Looking back, I’m very thankful because God had His hand over me the whole time. He knew what I needed and was intending to make it happen. 

When I turned 16, I repented of my sins, received the Holy Ghost at youth service at youth camp, and the next day was baptized in Jesus Name!! I felt so renewed because all my sins had been washed away and I had been set free! All the chains had fallen off of me! 

When I got into college, I had no idea where my life was heading or the direction that God was going to take me. I had hit a couple of stumbling blocks that caused me to leave my relationship with God for a while until I went back to school. I slowly started going back to church and wanted to make a commitment to God. Again, broken, lost, and confused, God was about to turn my world upside down. 

This was the season when I fell in love with an amazing family! God gave me a family who loves me, cares for me, and supports all that I do! It was because of His grace that I was able to receive an answered prayer! 

I decided to share this testimony to encourage someone that God knows exactly what you need and when you need it. I waited 19 years before my prayer of having a family was answered but I wouldn’t change the timing or anything else about it. His plan is perfect and His will is perfect! Allow God to guide your footsteps because He is the lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path! 

God Bless,


Keep up with Brianna on her personal blog Renewed and Restored and on Instagram @renewedandrestored!

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